zach brake photography


destination wedding
in los cabos, mexico

 There are a few sights in life that take your breath away. Our friends Autumn and Tommy escaped to the warm and sunny shores of Los Cabos, Mexico to stand before their loved ones and say I do. Well, breath taking was an understatement for this wedding. The day began with golden sunshine that made everything, literally everything glisten. Then cue the music. Tommy proceeded down the aisle followed by their sweet children with their rings and white rose petals. I wish you could have seen what happened next, every head turned to watch Autumn process. Guests and other patrons looked on as Autumn walked down the aisle, shimmering. Full of smiles she joined Tommy at the altar and the ceremony unfolded like something you would read about in a fairy tale. Everyone, including us, were enamored. The page turned as they sealed their love with a sun-kissed kiss and clapping filled the air. Then came time for us to capture their portraits and with each click of the shutter, it was like we were filling our pockets with gold. Every single image shined because of Autumn and Tommy. And as the sun set on us as they were welcomed with a roar of cheers and their reception began. The evening full of dancing, heartfelt moments and good food, could not have been more perfect. Autumn and Tommy, thank you for having us to document your lovely Mexico wedding. It was truly our joy to create these images for you. Congratulations and cheers to you!